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Lux ad Mosam

2013   /   2016

The student association “Lux ad Mosam” was looking for a new venue for hosting cultural events and social activities. An opportunity was made available to recover the vacant historical house and laboratory of legendary Maastricht native artist Pieke Dasse, in the Bogaardenstraat. 


The building, a national monument, had been empty for decades, and needed to be renovated and refurbished. In order to make the plan feasible, the student association set up a “building committee” and set up a business plan for the realisation of a complete student house, in the same location (with a shared living room, kitchen and shared sanitary facilities), to generate income and self fund the project. The student house would be located on the 2nd and 3rd floor, while the headquarters of their communal spaces would be located on the 1st floor. In order to make this intervention possible, many logistic and internal changes were required, as well as a thorough redesign which included an accurate fire safety plan and a logistic split of the main entrance from the street level, which up to that point had been shared with the neighbouring association COC, located on the ground floor of the same building.

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