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2018   /   2019

A free standing villa in Amby was surrounded by a beautiful garden. But the residents, a young dynamic family, struggled to achieve an optimal usability of the kitchen and dining room, and longed for an improved and more direct relationship with the garden. The entrance, directly opened on the dining area, which was not optimal. The L formed kitchen was too dark and had no relationship with the garden. The existing pergola was very much in use, - especially for summer barbeques - but the relationship between kitchen and pergola was relatively limited. With a few simple changes we were able to provide a new entrance, directed towards an open kitchen, with direct view on the garden. The kitchen was reorganised with more direct openings towards the pergola and a new large opening towards the garden. A new pergola was designed, with sliding panels towards the south, in order to make the terras (oriented towards south-west) very pleasant, also during the most hot summer days.

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